Where to Start for Fixing Joomla Website Problems?

Is there exists any web server and or website, which claims to be completely safe from different attacks?

The simple answer is NO.

And if some web server and websites claim to be so they are simply lying. Any hardware can be broken. Any firewall can be hacked. A password can be compromised. So there is no such thing as complete security in the online world.  

So, how to ensure Joomla website’s safety?

Where to start looking for the problem?

There are 3 major areas to look for, let us discuss them in detail.

Impacts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on Web Browsing

World Wide Web is changing with the fast pace. It’s not an overstatement if we say that we are going to witness a seismic shift in the way we see the web and do the online business. 

Virtual and real world are coming closer by every passing day. The Internet world is getting influenced by virtual and augmented reality these days. It’s going to be interesting to see if VR and AR will play a catalyst for changing the way we see the internet today.

What is Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Drupal Vs. WordPress: Which CMS Should You Choose for Your Next Project?

We all know that, CMS is a software system using which we can easily develop websites, blogs and applications with less or no knowledge on programming or HTML languages; we are also aware of a few content CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. But what leaves us in dilemma at times is to choose the right content management system for a project.

Of course, there are lots of content management systems to choose from. But how would you choose the right one for your project?

How to Run Thousands of Drupal Websites at Scale?

Consistency and automation are the two main things you need to manage thousands of sites at the scale. You can easily manage one or two sites manually, but when it comes to managing dozens or thousands of websites, you really need to have the robust tools which let you make sure that the hardware can handle it and the operations will not fail even for a single website. It’s not acceptable even if a single website fails on any operation and this is where Acquia Cloud Site Factory ropes in.

Make A Wise Decision: Custom Design or CMS Template?

Website of a company is the reflection of its businesses; it is the first thing that the audiences see before they decide to be your partner. So it’s really important to have a unique, user-friendly and graphically attractive website for your company to get your business venture rolling into the right place.

Today, we have hundreds of themes available under different Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Using these CMSs, anybody can easily build a website even if they are not technically sound or well-versed with programming languages.

What New Things Can We Expect in Joomla 3.5?

Joomla is one among the most appreciated content management systems which has been widely acclaimed across the globe. It is an open source platform which is mainly based on PHP; it uses MS SQL and MySQL as databases. Recently, we saw the release of Joomla 3.4.1 which was actually a maintenance release with few bug fixes. Now the time has come for another update; i.e. Joomla 3.5.

Fascinating Features of Magento Store Manager You Would Love to Use

Store manager for Magento is a Windows application which is designed to manage the Magento store quickly and effectively. The store manager enhances the functionality of default admin web interface. It automates the routine tasks, simplifies day-to-day operations and also offers some cool new features.

Transition is the Next Big Thing to Happen in Software Development

Nowadays people are getting used to the modern technologies and they are saying it very clearly that the software development is an inefficient process which requires a lot of coordination from the people involved in the project. Misunderstandings are quite common; the process of translating the needs into usable requirements happens in loops while approaching the desired software product. The process was really simple a few years ago where even the bad software was simply accepted.

What is WordPress Multisite and Why Should you Care?

WordPress multisite is just a way of setting up an assortment of websites under the same WordPress installation, plugins/themes and users. The individual websites in the network are like children websites of the same installation. All share the identical hosting account, WordPress themes, and plugin choices. They can have exclusive URLs or have different sub domain addresses depending on the main URL.

Why does any of this matter and why should you worry? WordPress multisite can rock the web when employed correctly and in the correct situation.

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