Fascinating Features of Magento Store Manager You Would Love to Use

Store manager for Magento is a Windows application which is designed to manage the Magento store quickly and effectively. The store manager enhances the functionality of default admin web interface. It automates the routine tasks, simplifies day-to-day operations and also offers some cool new features.

Store manager for Magento is very simple to install and its friendly wizard allows you to select the options like installing plugins, creating shortcuts and so on. All that you need to install is to simply click the next button till it’s done. It doesn’t require any special skills to run it.

How can store manager be useful?

  • Magento store manager is a simple application that provides you a great opportunity to manage the products, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, orders, customers and so on.
  • We can say that it is an all in all solution which saves more than 2 hours of yours by automating and simplifying daily operations.
  • Its powerful reporting feature offers a wide range of sales reports; this reports servers as a basis for building business strategies.
  • You can use diagnostics to find invisible products, broken or missing images, and to troubleshoot the problems you would face.

Different editions of Magento store manager:

  1. Store manager for Magento - Professional edition: The professional edition provides all the features including the features of standard edition like managing the order, product, category, etc. It extends the functionality of standard edition and adds up some extra features without being in a bound of limitations.
  2. Store manager for Magento - Enterprise Edition: Enterprise edition comprises unlimited access to all the fundamental and advanced features of the program. One best thing about the enterprise edition is that, it provides full access to all the store manager addons which are included in the package (USPS Shipping Integration, QuickBooks Integration, ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration, Automated Product Import, Mass AdWords Product Ads and Peachtree Integration).

Other features of Magento store manager:

  • Store manager for Magento provides supreme management of Magento attributes. All the available attribute groups can be edited in the same window. It also lets you manage all the languages in your online store.
  • Under customer management section, the store manager provides you the opportunity to add, modify or remove the customers. The store manager comes preinstalled with database backup/restore option; this helps users to ensure data safety before performing any bulk operations.

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