How to Run Thousands of Drupal Websites at Scale?

Consistency and automation are the two main things you need to manage thousands of sites at the scale. You can easily manage one or two sites manually, but when it comes to managing dozens or thousands of websites, you really need to have the robust tools which let you make sure that the hardware can handle it and the operations will not fail even for a single website. It’s not acceptable even if a single website fails on any operation and this is where Acquia Cloud Site Factory ropes in.

Yes, Acquia Cloud Site Factory allows site developers and digital managers to build, deploy and manage hundreds of websites efficiently. It provides multisite tools for developers and also the user experience which allows site builders create the websites quickly without having to depend on the developers. Site Factory also makes it easy to manage a web stack. So, it stands as a platform that helps customers with automation and management.       

Acquia Cloud – A consistent environment 

  • The customers will often have to do module updates and security releases on their websites, but when you get into the numbers that are very high, it’s really important that you have to do it consistently across all the websites. As soon as you have the snowflakes, the exceptions will start haunting and you’ll have to fix them eventually. This is the point that would take much longer and more resources. So, it’s really important for you to have a consistent environment across all the sites.      
  • Site Factory provides you that consistent environment; you commit your code in one place, kick off deployment and then the Site Factory executes the same steps on all the websites. It makes sure that all your code is on the newest version and all the sites get the latest security update. If any step fails in the middle, it retries up to certain number of times. If it fails again and again, the Site Factory puts back the site into a good state.

Everything on the Site Factory runs on the Acquia Cloud platform and the factory just provides tools to manage thousands of sites efficiently. It uses cloud API and Drush to execute certain commands. Acquia Cloud Site Factory builds its own executive engine that runs all the processes. So if a user is running a site update, the process says that it wants to push a code, put the site into maintenance mode, clear cache, and to upgrade the code/database. Site Factory does these on all the thousand sites reliably and consistently.

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