How to Incorporate Social Media with Your SEO Campaign

2 July 2013

New York: Similar to many things in life, certain SEO strategies will fade into oblivion as Google Penguin matures. This has left many people who used to practice the art of SEO speculating where to go.
The good news is that while certain SEO plans may be under the gun and possibly to fail in months to come, other plans are destined to succeed, impervious to algorithm changes. Many people believe that search marketing integration, or SMI, is one of these. Some people have even gone as far as to say openly that SMI will be needed to rank on the first page of Google in the future.
Search Marketing Integration
Search marketing integration employs traditional SEO but also combines social media marketing. In the past, many people just worked on obtaining inbound links; now we are seeing social media playing a growing role. This makes sense since both of these methods must be about creating quality content, setting up your brand and building trust.
Besides, regular backlinks, SMI integrates social media sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Search engines have begun using retweets, Google +1s and Facebook likes, to aid decide organic search rankings. As Google has already shown that they will reward sites with good social signals, putting them together into your marketing plan is important; not only now, but even more as the industry continue to develop.
Who do you Follow?
In the past, many people tried to game the system by getting as many followers as possible. In some cases, they even bought followers as it increased their numbers. Now there is growing confirmation that Google and the other search engines are looking at not only who you follow but also who follows you. Google has pointed that as they continue to refine their algorithms, they will soon be able to tell who is powerful in a given area partially by their media profiles. Once they do this, one influential follower will be much more precious than lots of unknown ones.
While we are on the subject of using social media, it seems like a big time to bring up branding. Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter can be a brilliant way to set up your brand. However, we still too many people abusing social media by regularly promoting their products. The “push” mentality needs to stop; those days are over.
It’s the fastest way to get unliked, unfollowed and untrusted. In case you want to build your brand and trust, you are going to take time to offer quality information and aid your customers.
Good branding and social media interaction comes through engagement with your target audience. Rather than just posting links to your most recent blog articles, ask stimulating, discussion-sparking and thought provoking questions. Start polls, host interactive webinars, and respond to blog comments. Do whatever it takes to improve your brand, make it organic, and make it likeable.
Becoming a Thought Leader
“Thought leadership” may be an overused buzzword, but as the popularity of content marketing continues to become more persistent, thought leadership is going to continue to grow in importance. To put it simply, becoming a thought leader is really about being an authority by having the answers that are applicable to your niche. When you boil it down even more, it's really about recognizing your niche and aiding people by giving out your knowledge. Social media can be a simple way to do this.
Find out the questions and answers that really matter to your customer. These can be found on Q&A sites like Yahoo answers, forums, LinkedIn groups, and others. Once you have known them, answer those questions on your website or social media pages. Odds are good, if you pick the right questions, and provide solid answers, other people will wish to know the answers as well.
Sometimes it can even be a good idea to let your patrons take part. By communicating and interviewing your customers, you can find the problems that are obstructing them and publish content with the answers.
Integrating Traditional SEO and Social Media
Irrespective of how many people declare that SEO is dead, traditional backlinks still hold some influence, when obtained correctly. It used to be that using low-quality, spun content and automated tools to build links was a popular link building solution. However, those days are long gone; the concept and practice of content marketing has taken link building in a completely different direction.
What if you could write one article and have thousands of people read it, and obtain dozens or hundreds of inbound links from it? Let's imagine this scenario. What if you effectively scored a guest posting opportunity and posted one well-researched, though-provoking article to a publisher with thousands of visitors per day? I'm talking about the type of publisher that will only publish superb content. After reading the article, many people are intrigued by what you have to say, but still not acquainted with you (the author). Two days later, you publish another well-liked article on the same website. It engages the readers and leaves them wanting to learn even more from you.
At this time, they may know your name and realize that you are writing a series. The next day, the third article in the series is released. By this point, you've had an chance to build trust with the reader. You've established yourself as a thought leader with adequate knowledge in the area to write an entire series of articles on the subject.
Guest posting can be very powerful if carried out properly. While there is a lot of benefit to obtaining one link from one article, there is much more profit to be had by posting a series. By being in front of readers for several days on the right high traffic site, you get more opportunities to build trust, establish your brand image and recognition, and bring traffic to your site as a result.
Google Authorship
While you are writing that wonderful content, don't forget to set up Google Authorship for each article. By doing this, you're telling Google that you wrote the content and are setting up a reputation with Google as being an expert in your area. This will also assist build your Author Rank, leading to improved rankings for the content you author, along with recognition and visibility as an authority in your niche.
Maintaining your Social Presence
After establishing Google authorship, don’t forget to link to your newly written content from your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This gives you a big excuse to endorse quality links and aids you sustain your social media presence. Don’t forget, this is not just about you. It is significant to share other people’s work as well.
What About Your Site?
Once you have added that content to your site that makes people want to read and share with their friends, it’s vital that you allow them to easily share your content. If you use WordPress, it’s very easy; there are many plugins that will easily allow you add social media buttons to your site. For WordPress sites, you can add code to your site so the social buttons will be added to each page.
Many authority sites have currently started adding valuable quotes with tweet buttons into their posts. This makes it simple for a person to click the link while they are going through your engaging content and share it with their friends. If your site has high traffic volume, it may be hard for users to share your content as the server load grows. This can also become an
This can also become a concern when content goes viral or hits the first page of Reddit. If you're going to actually focus on your social media campaign, consider CDN hosting rather than traditional hosting; it avoid problems before they can occur.
The Bottom Line
Incorporate social media with your SEO is not tricky. It all starts with a good content strategy, which coordinates your marketing and content efforts into one cohesive plan, and is backed by engaging your social media audiences rather than only pushing your content on them. This knowledge, along with easy social sharing options on your website, will promote a social media following that will not only maintain your SEO campaign, but become brand ambassadors themselves.
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