Top 7 Web Development Trends and Predictions for the Year 2015

30 January 2015

New York: Every year we see a lot of changes in web development and many exciting things on development trends are being published daily. But the experts just say that the best is yet to arrive in 2015; with the super cool technology, powerful development tools and some tidal changes in the world of technology, 2015 looks like an exciting year for web developers. While the trends which had been predicted in 2014 are still around, it’s time to check out the emerging web development trends for the year 2015.   

Here are the top 7 trends and predictions on web development for the year 2015:

  1. Motion UI: Motion is the reason for the smooth and slick feel of an application. The ease of creating the motion has made it so close to the medium. So the experts predict that, it’s time to get that ease into the web world as Motion UI is in trend. Along with the Motion UI, we also have Google’s material design which creates a visual language along with the design and innovation.
  2. New challenges for responsive design: As wearable technology continues to gain popularity, people are expecting some new design challenges for the year 2015. Responsive design is nothing but a design that supports all the screens irrespective of the size and shape of it. A new design framework called Semantic UI looks very promising for designing an application.
  3. Foundation for apps: Just like the foundation for sites, we can also see foundation for apps in 2015. This new framework is expected to introduce app templates, integrated JavaScript development environment with Gulp and AngularJS. It’s also predicted that it might include Motion UI and the flexbox grid. Though it’s pretty earlier to expect such big things from the framework, assumptions have no limit and the users always expect a bit more when it comes to technology.
  4. Rise of Node.js: According to prediction of Experts, we would see a shift in web application development to Node.js and some JavaScript server-side frameworks. App development teams might start using single language for web projects. Node will assist in pushing this transition, as both the front and back end developers are competent in JavaScript.
  5. Web UI components: UI components like ReactJS and Polymer is expected to gain a huge popularity as the developers are moving towards reusable components.  Facebook’s ReactJS library is framework agnostic and it would use some new techniques to quickly build a user interface. Polymer is a pretty larger framework which lets you create client side applications.
  6. The rise of Instagram: Instagram recently crossed Twitter in the number of users. This growth sheds light on the increase in the popularity of image sharing applications. Users hope to see some innovative ways to share pictures and videos as technology is getting wide; so they are also keeping an eye on the other image sharing apps like Pinterest and SnapChat.
  7. The Internet of Things (IOT): IOT is a network of physical objects which is embedded with a technology to communicate with the environment. As the devices are becoming network-accessible, developers are expected to work with some creative solutions that will help users to communicate with their cars, heaters, pumps and other things.

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