Will Apple Support Android on NFC Payment?

18 November 2014

New York: Paying has never been easier in stores or within apps. The days of searching for your wallet to make a payment are gone. Now payments can happen with just a touch.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication which supports short-range communications and payment systems. NFC devices can be used in accrete payment systems, like those which are currently being used in credit cards and e-ticket smartcards. The fissure in the market was partly because of Apple, which had ignored to support any mobile payments system on iPhone.

But now, Apple leverages NFC with its new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. But, according to the Cult of Mac, the NFC functionality is said to be locked for the developers and is to be used only for their new Apple Pay (mobile payment system). So, the other mobile payment systems which were longing to make use of iPhone 6/6 plus’ NFC capability, are unsolicited.

Features of Apple Pay:

  1. Apple Pay changes the payment breakthroughs with its contactless payment technology which is built with unique security features. So, you can use your Apple Watch, iPhone, or an iPad to make payments in a secure way.
  2. Apple Pay uses industry standards and comes with a broad range of banks and businesses associated as their partners.
  3. There’s one important feature of Apple Pay which makes it a more convenient solution. The Touch ID lets you skip the PIN entry requirement and you just have to place your finger on the Home button.
  4. It is completely slick, quick and relatively secure.

Apple doesn’t seem like opening the NFC’s capability soon. As Apple Pay is planning to dominate the world, they do not want iPhone to work with any other NFC enabled payment systems. The company is flexing the monopolistic power of its platform. However the lawsuits from other mobile payment systems are forcing Apple to provide access to NFC functionality.

But, for Apple Pay to be a success, it might have to support the Android platform, as most of the retailers usually prefer to choose a payment system that works on all the major OS platforms. Luckily for Apple, most of the Android devices support NFC. Now, Apple might have to swallow its esteem and develop their first Android app. They had to make alike decisions when they provided iTunes support for Windows.

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