Transition is the Next Big Thing to Happen in Software Development

Nowadays people are getting used to the modern technologies and they are saying it very clearly that the software development is an inefficient process which requires a lot of coordination from the people involved in the project. Misunderstandings are quite common; the process of translating the needs into usable requirements happens in loops while approaching the desired software product. The process was really simple a few years ago where even the bad software was simply accepted.

But now, such acceptances have been disappeared and the requirements are being very strong. To handle such pressures during the process, one can try utilizing agile methods and several other tools to slim down the process and increase the transparency.  You can also make use of some automation testing tools and also the basic frameworks like symphony or any others to access any standardized functions.

Look at the change - Code development to configuration development:

The result of this configurative development is that, the software which has been developed once will be moved to the configurative level. This is the process in acceleration today; making use of this process, it’s sure that you will experience the true revolution of app development in the next few years. The needs of the clients look flexible and cheaper; the developed apps certainly fulfill the demand of the end users. Gradually we could see more digitization if this process happens more rapidly.

Business app builder platform:

An app building platform which can be managed by the consultants having no developmental skills would create several advantages. A business architect can build a direct solution with the owner by using this platform. UI designer plays a key role here and the entire process becomes cost-efficient; so that the product can be released into the market quickly.

Revolution of software industry:

It’s quite obvious that the development firms those build and maintain some niche products will be having no right to be in their existing form. Definitely we will be in the need of developers; but their tasks will be moving towards parameterization/configuration.

Back to Appway:

Appway is nothing but an app building platform; but as the founders were committed to the creed of self-financing, they just wanted to have a niche during the company’s history. Appway is recognized as the manufacturer for client onboarding solutions right from that time.

Tradeoffs between a project and a product company:

Appway decided to occupy a niche in order to remain self-financed and accordingly it decided to be a big fish in the small pound instead of being the other way round. The team has been able to grow to a respectable size by just using the company’s own resources.

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