What New Things Can We Expect in Joomla 3.5?

Joomla is one among the most appreciated content management systems which has been widely acclaimed across the globe. It is an open source platform which is mainly based on PHP; it uses MS SQL and MySQL as databases. Recently, we saw the release of Joomla 3.4.1 which was actually a maintenance release with few bug fixes. Now the time has come for another update; i.e. Joomla 3.5.

This time the Joomla team’s strategy is not just to add some new features but also to clean up and simplify already existing elements to make it a more robust and flexible package. If you are still yearning for some new features, below mentioned are a few things we would see in Joomla 3.5.

Minimizing the load of the Joomla core

In the previous release of Joomla, a component called com_weblinks and the other associated modules were removed. This was the first step in simplifying the core Joomla package and establishing the procedure for removing unwanted components. Likewise in Joomla 3.5, we can expect that the core installation will not contain components like com_banners, com_newsfeeds, com_search, com_contacts, and so on. This takes out a lot of weight from the core keeping Joomla as light as possible.

New sample data options

Sample data is something which has been hovering around Joomla since from its beginning. It offers a sample base which helps you in building the content using some dummy articles or categories, so that you will have an idea of how the things will look. Having this idea, you can make any changes on the design without messing on the content creation. It’s really a great thing that helps in faster development. In the previous version, the content had to be inserted during the installation of Joomla. But with Joomla 3.5, we will be able to add the content even after Joomla installation. It certainly makes the installation easier and data access faster.

New media manager

This is definitely one of the biggest improvements made on com_media component after a very long time. The operations on this update have been going since January 2014 and now it seems like the changes are ready to go. This project is expected to change almost everything in the existing media manager as it has been added with a whole new file manager interface and hopefully it will be more intuitive for new users.

LTS release

According to the first roadmap, Joomla 3.5 will be a Long Term Support (LTS) release which means that it will be supported at least for 24 months. As we all know, the release strategy has really been confusing these days; especially when it is changed often. But the latest statements from Joomla team says that the major version will appear within next 2 years; so till then the Joomla 3.5.x will be supported.

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