What is WordPress Multisite and Why Should you Care?

WordPress multisite is just a way of setting up an assortment of websites under the same WordPress installation, plugins/themes and users. The individual websites in the network are like children websites of the same installation. All share the identical hosting account, WordPress themes, and plugin choices. They can have exclusive URLs or have different sub domain addresses depending on the main URL.

Why does any of this matter and why should you worry? WordPress multisite can rock the web when employed correctly and in the correct situation.

Why Make Use of WordPress Multisite?

  • You can set up and handle numerous websites easily within single hosting account and WordPress installation
  • Depending on access ranks, users can deal with only one website or every website employing the same account 
  • If required, approach to one website can be absolutely separate and separated out from others
  • If needed, WordPress themes and plugins can be shared across several websites. Updates and upgrades can be rolled out across many websites in less time, which considerably lessens overhead and maintenance expenditure.
  • Customizations are made once and not per installation.

Why You Should be Careful About Using Multisite?

  • Multisite is not as simple as the standard one-click setting up process on a shared hosting accounts.
  • You require quite robust hosting than the common shared hosting can handle. While you don’t require a dedicated server, you do want more than a usual shared hosting account.
  • Loading themes and plugins is simple, but not exactly easy as in a regular WordPress set up. You load plugins at the root directory and then set them out at the child website level.
  • All plugins won’t work with multisite WordPress installations. Some of my preferred plugins just don’t work in this environment.
  • You need to be alert who you give super admin status to.

You can recommend multisite to your clients. In the correct situation it is a dream come true. It works great, it is competent, and it saves money. That being said, it is not correct for every customer or every WordPress installation. It is a niche custom that is ideal in the right situation.

Use Multisite if:

  • Sharing users across numerous sites
  • Want users to build sites/blogs on demand
  • Intranet or internal company sites
  • Need to combine content from network
  • Building and testing sites in one network
  • Numerous personal or client sites in one network

Don’t Use Multisite if:

  • Users are not to be shared
  • Require public registration on each sub site
  • Categories or tags will do
  • Each site must look the same
  • Admins on every site need FTP, etc
  • Users need to set up plugins/themes

Whatever is your WordPress CMS requirement, let us know. Contact our proficient WordPress experts to discuss how we can assist.

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